amazing shot.

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Don’t cry over spilt milk…or should you?

With exam season approaching, Christmas/Holiday miracles waiting to happen, and the Oscars approaching…I have shed a few tears lately and have taken a deeper look at the process of crying. Various people say various things about crying – “Grown men shouldn’t cry”, it proves you have a soul/emotions, crying is not good for you, it makes you feel better, only overly emotional people cry, blah, blah, etc, etc.

Well – here are some cold hard facts about crying and why, maybe, you SHOULD cry. (when necessary haha)

Why do we feel better after crying?

According to biochemist and director of the Dry Eye and Tear Research Centre in Minneapolis, Dr. William Frey, people feel better after crying because it “is that they may be removing, in their tears, chemicals that build up during emotional stress.” The doctor’s research indicates that tears – just as perspiration, urine, and the air we exhale -rid the body of various toxins and other things negative to our health.

Around 1957, it was also discovered that emotional tears chemically differentiate from tears that occur due to an eye irritation. Emotional tears have more protein and beta-endorphin – one of the body’s natural pain relievers.

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If I die young, bury me in satin.

(I suggest you all listen to this song, and then read this post – it will help understand things)

This may all sound rather unsettling, but, it is very relevant.

The first time I heard this song, I was taken aback. I felt a bit unsettled and confused. With that said, this song is soo honest, raw, and brutal in the truths it talks about…but…it also is soo beautiful to listen to; the melody is pleasant and it is somewhat nostalgic. BUT, why am I blogging about it? Well…

When I look around and analyze my life, the lives of people I know and I witness the ‘rat race’ we all seem to be in – contrasted with this song – it puts things into perspective.

Many of us live with secrets, hopes, dreams, goals, hidden truths, a secret love, or something of that variety. So, I beg the question: If we were to die young, or to die tomorrow (hypothetically), those hidden truths and secrets loves and dreams would never be told or lived out; therefore, why wait? It is easy to let our fears control our life and our destiny, but, instead why don’t we take the risk and see what happens? Sure, he may not love you back, BUT, what if he does? Sure, you may not get that huge promotion or internship, BUT, what if you do? Sure, she may not have gone through what you went through, BUT, what if you tell her and she can help?

Long story short – life is too short to not live the way we want, to not feel full freedom, to not live out our dreams and to not love the people we want to love. We should all love deeper than we thought we could, laugh louder, dream more, kiss longer and appreciate our family and friends more often. Just keep that in mind duMOMENT – it may makes things a little bit more interesting for tomorrow.

So, put on your best boys and I’ll wear my pearls. 😉

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From whiskey to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Articles and Links you NEED to read and check out! Enjoy! (they are such a vast array of -topics)


“Winston Churchill’s hit album and the Top 10 Songs which are not sung”:,28804,2023382_2023424,00.html?iid=moreontime

These people have dedicated a lifetime worth of efforts (in many cases), yet haven’t won. And…Obama wins for his…vision? Hmm. Interesting.  

(please note: I am not saying these listed people should or shouldn’t have won…I am just playing both sides of the situation…because i can.)

“Former Ukrainian Prime Minister and style icon Yulia Tymoshenko is not happy about the new dress restrictions put in place by her rival, President Viktor Yanukovych”:

Everyone should know a lil’ something about whiskey:

And you thought you have bad exes:

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As Thanksgiving begins to creep up, just around the corner – several thoughts come to my mind. Of course, the turkey, unlimited amount of laughs and time spent with family and loved ones, the pie, indulgence, etc. – several things to give THANKS for, in “Thanksgiving.”

BUT, what not enough people consider at this time is the GIVING in “Thanksgiving”. Around this time of year, some families cannot give proper thanks, because they do not have enough food to cover their table. Why? They may have to decide between paying their hydro bill and food, or they may simply not have enough money for either. I know this may sound cliche to many of you, but, stop… and truly think about it for duMOMENT….

While you are happy and rejoicing around the dining room table this Thanksgiving, a mother is saddened by the empty table or a husband is embarrassed, as he cannot provide for his family.

I am generally not the type of person to rant like this, and guilt people into feeling things for others….but, I ask you….this week leading up to Thanksgiving, look into your cupboards and see if you have any extra food you can donate to the local food bank or drop off at the local fire station. These resources are in touch with families who could really use that excess food you may not use or need.

Thanks for listening and I hope I have convinced a couple of you to donate – or at least made you think twice.

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INTRODUCING…”Bright Young Things” duMOMENT

The duMOMENT “Bright Young Thing” publication is aimed to highlight the accomplishments of successful up and coming young professionals (within their chosen field).

In my day to day life – on my University campus, the workplace, or through various endeavours I have taken on – I have come across a vast array of extraordinary young professionals within several fields; ranging from close friends, to absolute strangers.

They have experienced extreme success in their chosen field, and my hope is to have their stories inspire other duMOMENT readers.  Highlighting the success of these young professionals may even foster connections between other Canadian “Bright Young Things” – to collaborate and do bigger & better things for Canada, through: politics, art, culture, music, law, athletics and more.

Click on the “Bright Young Thing – duMOMENT” button in the menu above, and see who has been chosen for the October BYT (the first ever BYT duMOMENT publication)

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Head of the class.

As a University student and young professional, I find that one’s resume is a vital part of their existence and thus – should be a masterpiece.

Here are some tips and secrets I have picked up over the last few years, or have read in various places along the way – regarding your resume and how employers think while looking at it:

  • The majority of recruiters and major firms prefer a chronological resume.
  • Most recruiters review a resume for 8 t0 20 seconds.
  • Many business sector employers say that a resume should only be 1 page if you have less than 5 years experience. (I break this rule currently – mine is 2. This is ok, if you display your campus involvement, volunteer experience, skills, etc. – which is wise for a University student to do)
  • 80% of screening and an employers decision happens with the resume.
  • Spelling/typos are the worst thing for an employer to see on your resume.
  • Most employers prefer to see that an employee had kept a job for one-two years before changing positions. (depends on what profession/experience level)
  • Over 80% of employers say that a cover letter is imperative when handing in a resume.
  • Employers always give preference to those who deliver a hand written thank you note (after an interview)

After consulting several educated, professional and (in certain cases) very successful people – I have heard many tips regarding my CV…but, the following website has been the biggest resume helper – of everything.

I know all of you classy individuals will need high class careers to keep up with your hedonistic lifestlye (at least, I know I am speaking for myself when saying this – and speaking verbatim from a newly acquired friend of mine). Hence, why I am sharing this fountain of CV knowledge with all of you!

CHECK it out!

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My love affairs duMOMENT

…with fashion, of course. (I should’ve been more clear in the title) haha

Here are some looks, specific pieces and (I hate this word) but, trends – which I am in love with currently. For men and women.


Colour-pop Socks – MEN mostly, women can also do this (with a tapered pant)

Bright un-matched coloured heels. Coincidentally, she is also sporting another important fashion element for this season – denim! Denim jackets, shirts, and the all important skinny denim.

Army influence and colour – from accessories, feminine dresses and the rugged.

The Bow tie… from the casual to the three-piece suit.

Brings me to the next one: The 3-piece suit! Soo imperative in life – whether it be classic, mix-matched or designer – this look isn’t just for the Douche bag anymore. (although not all men can pull this look off). The experts at GQ say:

“Some guys are a little fearful of this look because they think it might be too Wall Street for them. But with labels like Spurr, Band of Outsiders, Dolce & Gabbana, and Ralph Lauren Black Label making beautiful, modern three-piece suits, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ll find that it’s really just a few bucks more than a two-piece, and the big extra you get is a vest—which keeps you looking sharp when you remove your jacket. This season’s best three-pieces definitely have a rakish look to them.”

The lace up biker boot – MEN and WOMEN.

Leather Jackets – Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Works from chic to rugged. MEN and WOMEN.

Well put together:

Structured purse, military essence, and a cognac brown belt. WIN.

Neutral heels, small cross-body studded bag, with a feminine chic army green dress. WIN.

Double breasted fine tailored suit, ascot, pocket square and well groomed image. WIN.

Leather hints, chunky knit, the biker boot – bold black. The experts say: “This fall Dolce and Gabbana sum up and set the tone for how men should dress this season. Their use of chunky knit sweater, leathers, gloves, man bags, biker boots, and black. simple black.”

Sockless, khaki pants, obvious gorgeous blazer avec well chosen dress shirt – but, what really makes it? The obnoxious contrasted green over-the-shoulder sweater. WIN.

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Forget 90210.

Forget 90210 (although it still makes the cut), while you discover and glance (or maybe even, house hunt) through this collection of the FORBES list of America’s Most expensive ZIP Codes:

(Also, soon to come on duMOMENT: an in-depth glance at the top 4 richest/most historical real estate neighbourhoods of Toronto: Rosedale, Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, and Bridle Path…and may also include Hog’s Hollow and Willowdale)

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From the mere fleeting, to the immortal.

“Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them.” – Charles Simic

Several of you read newspapers – the Post and Globe, financial and political magazine – the Economist and FP, the gossip mags – In Style and People’s, Fashion mags – Vogue and Vanity Fair, blah blah blah…BUT, what not enough of you read…is poetry. How do I know? Well…to avoid sounding pompous and brilliant (very difficult to avoid at times – haha just kidding), all I shall say; I just know. In a world where fine literature, plays and the likes of Shakespeare have taken a back seat (or a dusty shelve in a high school classroom), poetry is not shared and explored – nearly enough.

A brilliant friend of mine once told me “Poetry could capture a moment in time and transform it from the mere fleeting, to the immortal.” With this said, poetry is arguably the food which feeds our soul, imagination and deepest depths of emotion and riveting passion. To write poetry, is to bare your soul to the world and forever have those words imprinted on the reader. To read poetry, is to embark on a spiritual and emotional adventure. To some of you, I sound wacky right now (I suppose what else is new?) but, to others, I am sure you are nodding in agreement and know exactly what I mean.

Therefore, to stay class and intellectually stimulated – I wanted to post 5 of my favourite short poems. If there is one that is not on this list, and you believe it should be – email me and I will do a posting on it!

Enjoy these poems, duMOMENT.

  1. “She Walks In Beauty” – George Gordon Lord Byron
  2. “Invictus” – William Ernest Henley                                                                         
  3. “Silentium Amoris” – Oscar Wilde                                                                 
  4. “The Road Not Taken” – Robert Frost
  5. …I wanted to test the water with this specific one: “Blind Desire”

“The look in your eye, the glisten, the spark….it burns through my soul…it strokes my emotion and pulses my heart. You are blind to this.

You are rare, and endangered. You are blind to this.
The intelligence of your mind, the sharpness, the wit….it fascinates me…confuses me…enlightens me. You are blind to this.
The feel of your skin, coolness of your motion, fire of your soul…it excites me…it penetrates my instincts and sparks my curiosity. You are blind to this.

You are everything I desire, crave, want and need.
You notice, you understand and you react. I was blind to this.”

– Kubera (A. Sarkic)

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Invaluable life lessons.

Due in large part to my amazing friends (you will know who you are when you read certain life lessons below), fabulous family and wild life experiences, I have come a long way – while learning a thing or two (that Professor Boring, cannot teach you in lecture.)…at least thus far in 2010. Many more to come; I am sure. (FYI – they are in no particular order of significance.)

  1. A.B.C. – Always. Be. Closing.
  2. Doesn’t matter how hard you try, how good looking you are, or how right you *think* you may be – you cannot change people.
  3. Marathon skype chats avec people that know you best or instantly put a smile on your face, are like chicken-soup for the soul. (in my case: croatian cabbage rolls for the soul? haha)
  4. Mother knows best…and knows all.
  5. Sometimes a king size Malaysian bed, filled with you and two of your girlfriends, is the best place for heart-t0-hearts, laughs and ordering bananas (at 5 am)
  6. Always carry around the latest issue of ‘The Economist”, especially while travelling – the opposite sex always deems it an attractive quality and you never know when someone important may be looking.
  7. People watching is fun and necessary…but, SOO wrong……..but SOO necessary.
  8. Always look good while grocery shopping. always. (WHY? – the tomatoes in the veggie section won’t judge you, but, the cutie in aisle 3 might)
  9. (This one for the ladies) Heels under 3″ or made out of the same material as Barbie’s – not worth your reputation or money.
  10. (Another for the ladies) The way a man treats his mother, says a lot about how he will treat you.
  11. It doesn’t matter how far a friend lives…what matter is that they know which quotes you live by, which ‘first lady’/President you adore and how big your heart is.
  12. Tea makes everything better: poetry, ailments (real or exaggerated), history documentaries, chic flicks, breakups and morning afters.
  13. Always say yes to Paris…or, China 😉
  14. Singing (and performing) show tunes in the workplace – mandatory.
  15. Cherish every day and duMOMENT (good and bad); while loving more than you think is possible.

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Green-eyed monster.

In our day to day lives, we often assume we have the best, are the best or are content and happy with our lives  – but, there is always that girl who walks down the street with a super chic handbag you don’t have, a man that is just a few inches taller, a girl that has a better job opportunity or a man that is just a bit funnier than you are.

As much as we all love ourselves, there is always someone that will be just that bit better, faster, stronger, blah, blah, blah. What does this mean for us? We can’t ALL be the BEST at EVERYTHING. We have our strengths, weaknesses and we need to appreciate to love the things we have. I know this all sounds harsh – but, it is a reality in life, which keeps us pushing harder and drives us – more often than not. But, in some cases…it has a negative effect and brings out the “green-eyed monster”. JEALOUSY.

I know this may all seem irrelevant, but, we have all witnessed the tribulations of high school, competed in something (whether it be the chess club or triple A hockey) and live life on a daily basis. Therefore, we have all encountered jealousy at one point – whether we were the jealous ones or the object of someone’s jealousy. THIS is when I ask myself – what actually causes jealousy? Is there a scientific component?

This article has an interesting approach…..CHECK IT OUT, and find the answer HERE:

The article discuses the scientific affects of jealousy, and how it triggers the section of our brains which is also triggered when we feel physical pain. The scientists conclude that there is an interesting connection; since jealousy causes emotional pain (in one way or another) – it would also trigger the ‘pain’ section of the brain.

Hmm, so, duMOMENT, what does this all teach us?

You should learn to be able to laugh at yourself, appreciate the things you have, and love the people that care about you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses – capitalize on what you are amazing at and don’t dwell on what you suck at (relative to others) – unless you are trying to improve. (in a positive way).

This is a duMOMENT blast from the past. I hope it answered any questions that you may have had…it definitely answered my curiosity.

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Blush in the boardroom.

As the hours of the night (now morning) seems to slowly wander by, I am wrapping up all of my ‘projects’, thoughts, and prep work for my busy day tomorrow.

I have an early start to the morning and then, later in the day, I have the rare opportunity to be 1 of 4 young professionals to present market intelligence from the 2010 JTC China/Malaysia Trade Mission – to the Canadian Commercial Corporation’s Board of Directors. Our team has been preparing for this presentation the last week or so, and we are ready to rock the boardroom.

Blush in the boardroom –  I thought this was a fitting title, as I am the only female of the 4 young professionals to present. I am by no means a ‘feminist’ (whatever that truly is these days) but, I am a huge proponent for females to understand they can bring to the boardroom table, just as much as their male counterparts. (obviously does not apply to everyone, but, in an overall/generic perspective). Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to see a little more blush in our boardrooms – in companies of any size, sector and country.

To build on this concept, I actually plan to eventually launch my website/blog which is called “Blush in the Boardroom.” When envisioning this future project “BITB”, imagine a collective marriage of: Vanity Fair meets Forbes. I plan to attract driven young female professionals and successful women; covering topics such as: Business/Finance, Lifestyle/Fashion, Career/Education, Networking/Public Speaking, and New/International Relations. What inspired me to do this? Well, sites which claim to cover these topics, such as “Forbes Women”, are lame. Putting it lightly. They cover cliche topics, and are bland.  Anyways, I don’t want to give too too much away, yet…but, I did want to give you guys a taste of what is yet to come!

Wish me luck for tomorrow…duMOMENT…sleep.


Btw – check out this link. It is older…but, is on the right track!

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Coffee is for ‘closers’

This link, to, shows eleven movies which entrepreneurs should watch. This idea is interesting, as, I work and socialize with a handful of people that have backgrounds in: law, business, consulting, policy, etc. (all of that boring stuff, of course). How is this relevant, you may ask? This all may sound dry, but, they know how to play just as hard as they work – so, sometimes once the cocktails come out, or even before a big day – some of these quotes, from these legendary movies, come out.

These movies span from classics such as, Citizen Kane (1941) to hits like, Glengarry Glen Ross (1992). Check it out! And don’t forget to catch a few of these flicks…duMOMENT.

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Vanity Fair – International Best Dressed List.

This article and slideshow showcases Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List. It highlights everyone from First Ladies, CEOs, Soccer stars and film makers. Some of the selected “best dressed” include: David Beckham, John Galliano, Waris Ahluwalia and Carla Bruni Sarkozy.

What strikes me about this year’s list and photos, is that it truly shows “best dressed” is about individual style, rather than fashion trends. This is a nice turn from the “what you should wear” concept. Of course, there will always be preferred trends and fashion concepts which are more favourable and pleasing to the eye and ‘fashionistas’ of our world – but, it IS okay to trail off and mix your taste, style, swagg, and comfort into your fashion choices…yes, I DID dare to say comfort when describing fashion. This is duMOMENT.

Vanity Fair says: “There’s an eclectic feel to this year’s ranking of the style elite. But, as always, the list is about individual taste, not fashion trends, so from Samantha Cameron to Alec Baldwin to Lady Gaga, only one real through line emerges: their exquisite self-expression.”

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Eyes wide shut.

Soo…I have been known to be a rather opinionated person, and sometimes I have a few good things to bring forth and enlighten people with; sometimes, not so much.

I find that far too often, people will find great articles, quotes, ideas, concepts, art, etc and they will post it into the cyber world of facebook or another social medium – and then, POOF, it disappears sooner than later. Well…I have decided that I will channel all of the things I discover, which inspire me, and post them here.

Too many young professionals, and even some “adults” (whatever that means), live life with ‘eyes wide shut’. They think they understand things, or they think they know everything going on around them – but, let’s face it – they don’t. Therefore – hopefully, the posts I publish and the concepts, articles, ideas, and tips I post/discuss, will help open some eyes and bring a little smile on someone’s face. duMOMENT is all about what is happening NOW, and what you need to know or hear about.

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