Life Lessons duMOMENT.

**This was originally a blog post, but, after high popularity and it’s significance – I decided it needed it’s own page.

Due in large part to my amazing friends (you will know who you are when you read certain life lessons below), fabulous family and wild life experiences, I have come a long way – while learning a thing or two (that Professor Boring, cannot teach you in lecture.)…at least thus far in 2010. Many more to come; I am sure. (FYI – they are in no particular order of significance.)

  1. A.B.C. – Always. Be. Closing.
  2. Doesn’t matter how hard you try, how good looking you are, or how right you *think* you may be – you cannot change people.
  3. Marathon skype chats avec people that know you best or instantly put a smile on your face, are like chicken-soup for the soul. (in my case: croatian cabbage rolls for the soul? haha)
  4. Mother knows best…and knows all.
  5. Sometimes a king size Malaysian bed, filled with you and two of your girlfriends, is the best place for heart-t0-hearts, laughs and ordering bananas (at 5 am)
  6. Always carry around the latest issue of ‘The Economist”, especially while travelling – the opposite sex always deems it an attractive quality and you never know when someone important may be looking.
  7. People watching is fun and necessary…but, SOO wrong……..but SOO necessary.
  8. Always look good while grocery shopping. always. (WHY? – the tomatoes in the veggie section won’t judge you, but, the cutie in aisle 3 might)
  9. (This one for the ladies) Heels under 3″ or made out of the same material as Barbie’s – not worth your reputation or money.
  10. (Another for the ladies) The way a man treats his mother, says a lot about how he will treat you.
  11. It doesn’t matter how far a friend lives…what matter is that they know which quotes you live by, which ‘first lady’/President you adore and how big your heart is.
  12. Tea makes everything better: poetry, ailments (real or exaggerated), history documentaries, chic flicks, breakups and morning afters.
  13. Always say yes to Paris…or, China 😉
  14. Singing (and performing) show tunes in the workplace – mandatory.
  15. Cherish every day and duMOMENT (good and bad); while loving more than you think is possible.

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