Eyes wide shut.

Soo…I have been known to be a rather opinionated person, and sometimes I have a few good things to bring forth and enlighten people with; sometimes, not so much.

I find that far too often, people will find great articles, quotes, ideas, concepts, art, etc and they will post it into the cyber world of facebook or another social medium – and then, POOF, it disappears sooner than later. Well…I have decided that I will channel all of the things I discover, which inspire me, and post them here.

Too many young professionals, and even some “adults” (whatever that means), live life with ‘eyes wide shut’. They think they understand things, or they think they know everything going on around them – but, let’s face it – they don’t. Therefore – hopefully, the posts I publish and the concepts, articles, ideas, and tips I post/discuss, will help open some eyes and bring a little smile on someone’s face. duMOMENT is all about what is happening NOW, and what you need to know or hear about.

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