Coffee is for ‘closers’

This link, to, shows eleven movies which entrepreneurs should watch. This idea is interesting, as, I work and socialize with a handful of people that have backgrounds in: law, business, consulting, policy, etc. (all of that boring stuff, of course). How is this relevant, you may ask? This all may sound dry, but, they know how to play just as hard as they work – so, sometimes once the cocktails come out, or even before a big day – some of these quotes, from these legendary movies, come out.

These movies span from classics such as, Citizen Kane (1941) to hits like, Glengarry Glen Ross (1992). Check it out! And don’t forget to catch a few of these flicks…duMOMENT.

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1 Response to Coffee is for ‘closers’

  1. Marianne den Haan says:

    Closer… Love it. Great job on the blogging Miss. Keep it up!

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