Blush in the boardroom.

As the hours of the night (now morning) seems to slowly wander by, I am wrapping up all of my ‘projects’, thoughts, and prep work for my busy day tomorrow.

I have an early start to the morning and then, later in the day, I have the rare opportunity to be 1 of 4 young professionals to present market intelligence from the 2010 JTC China/Malaysia Trade Mission – to the Canadian Commercial Corporation’s Board of Directors. Our team has been preparing for this presentation the last week or so, and we are ready to rock the boardroom.

Blush in the boardroom –  I thought this was a fitting title, as I am the only female of the 4 young professionals to present. I am by no means a ‘feminist’ (whatever that truly is these days) but, I am a huge proponent for females to understand they can bring to the boardroom table, just as much as their male counterparts. (obviously does not apply to everyone, but, in an overall/generic perspective). Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to see a little more blush in our boardrooms – in companies of any size, sector and country.

To build on this concept, I actually plan to eventually launch my website/blog which is called “Blush in the Boardroom.” When envisioning this future project “BITB”, imagine a collective marriage of: Vanity Fair meets Forbes. I plan to attract driven young female professionals and successful women; covering topics such as: Business/Finance, Lifestyle/Fashion, Career/Education, Networking/Public Speaking, and New/International Relations. What inspired me to do this? Well, sites which claim to cover these topics, such as “Forbes Women”, are lame. Putting it lightly. They cover cliche topics, and are bland.  Anyways, I don’t want to give too too much away, yet…but, I did want to give you guys a taste of what is yet to come!

Wish me luck for tomorrow…duMOMENT…sleep.


Btw – check out this link. It is older…but, is on the right track!

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