Green-eyed monster.

In our day to day lives, we often assume we have the best, are the best or are content and happy with our lives  – but, there is always that girl who walks down the street with a super chic handbag you don’t have, a man that is just a few inches taller, a girl that has a better job opportunity or a man that is just a bit funnier than you are.

As much as we all love ourselves, there is always someone that will be just that bit better, faster, stronger, blah, blah, blah. What does this mean for us? We can’t ALL be the BEST at EVERYTHING. We have our strengths, weaknesses and we need to appreciate to love the things we have. I know this all sounds harsh – but, it is a reality in life, which keeps us pushing harder and drives us – more often than not. But, in some cases…it has a negative effect and brings out the “green-eyed monster”. JEALOUSY.

I know this may all seem irrelevant, but, we have all witnessed the tribulations of high school, competed in something (whether it be the chess club or triple A hockey) and live life on a daily basis. Therefore, we have all encountered jealousy at one point – whether we were the jealous ones or the object of someone’s jealousy. THIS is when I ask myself – what actually causes jealousy? Is there a scientific component?

This article has an interesting approach…..CHECK IT OUT, and find the answer HERE:

The article discuses the scientific affects of jealousy, and how it triggers the section of our brains which is also triggered when we feel physical pain. The scientists conclude that there is an interesting connection; since jealousy causes emotional pain (in one way or another) – it would also trigger the ‘pain’ section of the brain.

Hmm, so, duMOMENT, what does this all teach us?

You should learn to be able to laugh at yourself, appreciate the things you have, and love the people that care about you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses – capitalize on what you are amazing at and don’t dwell on what you suck at (relative to others) – unless you are trying to improve. (in a positive way).

This is a duMOMENT blast from the past. I hope it answered any questions that you may have had…it definitely answered my curiosity.

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