From the mere fleeting, to the immortal.

“Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them.” – Charles Simic

Several of you read newspapers – the Post and Globe, financial and political magazine – the Economist and FP, the gossip mags – In Style and People’s, Fashion mags – Vogue and Vanity Fair, blah blah blah…BUT, what not enough of you read…is poetry. How do I know? Well…to avoid sounding pompous and brilliant (very difficult to avoid at times – haha just kidding), all I shall say; I just know. In a world where fine literature, plays and the likes of Shakespeare have taken a back seat (or a dusty shelve in a high school classroom), poetry is not shared and explored – nearly enough.

A brilliant friend of mine once told me “Poetry could capture a moment in time and transform it from the mere fleeting, to the immortal.” With this said, poetry is arguably the food which feeds our soul, imagination and deepest depths of emotion and riveting passion. To write poetry, is to bare your soul to the world and forever have those words imprinted on the reader. To read poetry, is to embark on a spiritual and emotional adventure. To some of you, I sound wacky right now (I suppose what else is new?) but, to others, I am sure you are nodding in agreement and know exactly what I mean.

Therefore, to stay class and intellectually stimulated – I wanted to post 5 of my favourite short poems. If there is one that is not on this list, and you believe it should be – email me and I will do a posting on it!

Enjoy these poems, duMOMENT.

  1. “She Walks In Beauty” – George Gordon Lord Byron
  2. “Invictus” – William Ernest Henley                                                                         
  3. “Silentium Amoris” – Oscar Wilde                                                                 
  4. “The Road Not Taken” – Robert Frost
  5. …I wanted to test the water with this specific one: “Blind Desire”

“The look in your eye, the glisten, the spark….it burns through my soul…it strokes my emotion and pulses my heart. You are blind to this.

You are rare, and endangered. You are blind to this.
The intelligence of your mind, the sharpness, the wit….it fascinates me…confuses me…enlightens me. You are blind to this.
The feel of your skin, coolness of your motion, fire of your soul…it excites me…it penetrates my instincts and sparks my curiosity. You are blind to this.

You are everything I desire, crave, want and need.
You notice, you understand and you react. I was blind to this.”

– Kubera (A. Sarkic)

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