Head of the class.

As a University student and young professional, I find that one’s resume is a vital part of their existence and thus – should be a masterpiece.

Here are some tips and secrets I have picked up over the last few years, or have read in various places along the way – regarding your resume and how employers think while looking at it:

  • The majority of recruiters and major firms prefer a chronological resume.
  • Most recruiters review a resume for 8 t0 20 seconds.
  • Many business sector employers say that a resume should only be 1 page if you have less than 5 years experience. (I break this rule currently – mine is 2. This is ok, if you display your campus involvement, volunteer experience, skills, etc. – which is wise for a University student to do)
  • 80% of screening and an employers decision happens with the resume.
  • Spelling/typos are the worst thing for an employer to see on your resume.
  • Most employers prefer to see that an employee had kept a job for one-two years before changing positions. (depends on what profession/experience level)
  • Over 80% of employers say that a cover letter is imperative when handing in a resume.
  • Employers always give preference to those who deliver a hand written thank you note (after an interview)

After consulting several educated, professional and (in certain cases) very successful people – I have heard many tips regarding my CV…but, the following website has been the biggest resume helper – of everything.

I know all of you classy individuals will need high class careers to keep up with your hedonistic lifestlye (at least, I know I am speaking for myself when saying this – and speaking verbatim from a newly acquired friend of mine). Hence, why I am sharing this fountain of CV knowledge with all of you!


CHECK it out!

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2 Responses to Head of the class.

  1. Careful on the one-page rule. That comes and goes with the years. Print your resume on powder blue paper so it will stand out in a stack!


    • duMOMENT says:

      This is very true! The one page rule only applies sometimes – depending on the position/career sector, and if the recruiter requests it specifically, or not.

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