My love affairs duMOMENT

…with fashion, of course. (I should’ve been more clear in the title) haha

Here are some looks, specific pieces and (I hate this word) but, trends – which I am in love with currently. For men and women.


Colour-pop Socks – MEN mostly, women can also do this (with a tapered pant)

Bright un-matched coloured heels. Coincidentally, she is also sporting another important fashion element for this season – denim! Denim jackets, shirts, and the all important skinny denim.

Army influence and colour – from accessories, feminine dresses and the rugged.

The Bow tie… from the casual to the three-piece suit.

Brings me to the next one: The 3-piece suit! Soo imperative in life – whether it be classic, mix-matched or designer – this look isn’t just for the Douche bag anymore. (although not all men can pull this look off). The experts at GQ say:

“Some guys are a little fearful of this look because they think it might be too Wall Street for them. But with labels like Spurr, Band of Outsiders, Dolce & Gabbana, and Ralph Lauren Black Label making beautiful, modern three-piece suits, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ll find that it’s really just a few bucks more than a two-piece, and the big extra you get is a vest—which keeps you looking sharp when you remove your jacket. This season’s best three-pieces definitely have a rakish look to them.”

The lace up biker boot – MEN and WOMEN.

Leather Jackets – Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Works from chic to rugged. MEN and WOMEN.

Well put together:

Structured purse, military essence, and a cognac brown belt. WIN.

Neutral heels, small cross-body studded bag, with a feminine chic army green dress. WIN.

Double breasted fine tailored suit, ascot, pocket square and well groomed image. WIN.

Leather hints, chunky knit, the biker boot – bold black. The experts say: “This fall Dolce and Gabbana sum up and set the tone for how men should dress this season. Their use of chunky knit sweater, leathers, gloves, man bags, biker boots, and black. simple black.”

Sockless, khaki pants, obvious gorgeous blazer avec well chosen dress shirt – but, what really makes it? The obnoxious contrasted green over-the-shoulder sweater. WIN.

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