As Thanksgiving begins to creep up, just around the corner – several thoughts come to my mind. Of course, the turkey, unlimited amount of laughs and time spent with family and loved ones, the pie, indulgence, etc. – several things to give THANKS for, in “Thanksgiving.”

BUT, what not enough people consider at this time is the GIVING in “Thanksgiving”. Around this time of year, some families cannot give proper thanks, because they do not have enough food to cover their table. Why? They may have to decide between paying their hydro bill and food, or they may simply not have enough money for either. I know this may sound cliche to many of you, but, stop… and truly think about it for duMOMENT….

While you are happy and rejoicing around the dining room table this Thanksgiving, a mother is saddened by the empty table or a husband is embarrassed, as he cannot provide for his family.

I am generally not the type of person to rant like this, and guilt people into feeling things for others….but, I ask you….this week leading up to Thanksgiving, look into your cupboards and see if you have any extra food you can donate to the local food bank or drop off at the local fire station. These resources are in touch with families who could really use that excess food you may not use or need.

Thanks for listening and I hope I have convinced a couple of you to donate – or at least made you think twice.

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