From whiskey to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Articles and Links you NEED to read and check out! Enjoy! (they are such a vast array of -topics)


“Winston Churchill’s hit album and the Top 10 Songs which are not sung”:,28804,2023382_2023424,00.html?iid=moreontime

These people have dedicated a lifetime worth of efforts (in many cases), yet haven’t won. And…Obama wins for his…vision? Hmm. Interesting.  

(please note: I am not saying these listed people should or shouldn’t have won…I am just playing both sides of the situation…because i can.)

“Former Ukrainian Prime Minister and style icon Yulia Tymoshenko is not happy about the new dress restrictions put in place by her rival, President Viktor Yanukovych”:

Everyone should know a lil’ something about whiskey:

And you thought you have bad exes:

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