If I die young, bury me in satin.


(I suggest you all listen to this song, and then read this post – it will help understand things)

This may all sound rather unsettling, but, it is very relevant.

The first time I heard this song, I was taken aback. I felt a bit unsettled and confused. With that said, this song is soo honest, raw, and brutal in the truths it talks about…but…it also is soo beautiful to listen to; the melody is pleasant and it is somewhat nostalgic. BUT, why am I blogging about it? Well…

When I look around and analyze my life, the lives of people I know and I witness the ‘rat race’ we all seem to be in – contrasted with this song – it puts things into perspective.

Many of us live with secrets, hopes, dreams, goals, hidden truths, a secret love, or something of that variety. So, I beg the question: If we were to die young, or to die tomorrow (hypothetically), those hidden truths and secrets loves and dreams would never be told or lived out; therefore, why wait? It is easy to let our fears control our life and our destiny, but, instead why don’t we take the risk and see what happens? Sure, he may not love you back, BUT, what if he does? Sure, you may not get that huge promotion or internship, BUT, what if you do? Sure, she may not have gone through what you went through, BUT, what if you tell her and she can help?

Long story short – life is too short to not live the way we want, to not feel full freedom, to not live out our dreams and to not love the people we want to love. We should all love deeper than we thought we could, laugh louder, dream more, kiss longer and appreciate our family and friends more often. Just keep that in mind duMOMENT – it may makes things a little bit more interesting for tomorrow.

So, put on your best boys and I’ll wear my pearls. 😉

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