Due to my love for “The Sartorialist” and the (rare) wonderful fashion trendsetters I see walking the streets of Canadian cities like: Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver…I have been inspired to start my own “Sartorialist-esque” section of duMOMENT, called “theHEDONIST.”

Why is it titled “theHEDONIST”, you ask? Well…

By technical definition, a “hedonist” is someone that seeks pleasure above all other values. They (hedonists) tend to crave stimulation and excitement and have an inordinate distaste for anything they might regard as boring, tedious or mundane.

With that said, we all know, fashion brings pleasure to most people – in one way or another. (most people…not all, but, MOST) The people which will be featured and photographed for “theHEDONIST” are trendsetters walking our streets, that crave fashion stimulation and excitement, hence why they are wearing the fashion of duMOMENT.  Since they have distaste for all things boring and mundane, you will find them wearing classic, modern, vintage, new, used, trendsetting, well thought out and sometimes even effortless styles – the styles of duMOMENT and the future.

If you have an submissions of your own for the duMOMENT team to consider – email them to:


1 Response to theHEDONIST.

  1. Marianne den Haan says:

    You have no idea how excited I am about this. Submissions to arrive shortly missy!

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