Word duMOMENT.

As promised, this blog aims to keep all of you classy individuals duMOMENT and showcase things that you should and need to know right now. Soo…what is better than being classy? Being classy and intelligent – enjoy the word duMOMENT.

I will post a new one every Monday (so you have something new to wow the boss and prof with) Enjoy.


Nov 8 – GAUCHE: (GOHSH)  Adjective Lacking social polish; tactless; awkward; clumsy. “He was largely exempted from the formal socializing he said he found so hard to  manage,  flustered and gauche in polite company as he had always been.”

Oct 4 LACONIC: (luh-KON-ik) adjective Using or marked by the use of a minimum of words; brief. “There was one tiny photograph of him at a YMCA camp plus a few laconic and uninformative entries in a soldier’s log from the war year, 1917-18.”                                                                                                             – Edward W. Said, Out of Place: A Memoir

Sept 27 – AGOG: (uh-gog) adjective Full of excitement or interest; in eager desire; eager, keen. “He was now so interested, quite so privately agog, about it, that he had already an eye to the fun it would be to open up to her afterwards.” -Henry James, The Ambassador

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